Scary Spice returns for Red Nose Day

Scary Spice returns for Red Nose Day


To promote the Weetabix Pick Your Nose fundraising campaign, the former Spice Girl and X Factor judge has stepped up to the mic to represent the breakfast-time highs and lows of parents across the country.

“As a mum of three, believe me when I say I know exactly what a struggle it can be to get your kids ready and out the door. The morning routine can be a nightmare, but hilarious too,” she said.

Parents and children alike can relate to the lively lyrics which describe the range of scenarios mums and dads face at the breakfast table – from a child begging to go to school dressed as a unicorn to one refusing to eat breakfast with a spoon.

As part of the promotion, five pence from every pack of Limited Edition Weetabix Strawberry, Weetabix Minis, Weetos and Ready Brek will go to Red Nose Day and kids will have the chance to win one of nine nosetastic experiences, including an indoor skydive with Supernose.



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