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Two old school friends, who took on high-profile entrepreneurs in the Dragons’ Den twice, are setting their sights on a £500,000 sales return for their new eco-friendly solution to serving up sauce. Ian Worton and Peter Neath are confident that Saucestream is going to prove a big hit with green-minded consumers after it saw an initial spike in online and Amazon orders.

A survey among Birmingham residents questioning what the houses of the future will have to help reach net zero showed that 44% thought solar panels to generate electricity should feature, 39% would have rainwater collection devices and 31% would have electric vehicle charging points. Gadgets to help with landfill waste came in at 4th with 29% and heat pumps came in at 5th with over 27% of those surveyed thinking they would be useful for a house of the future to help with the environment.

Corporate Finance and Real Estate Advisory firm Harrogate International Advisory based in Liverpool and with offices in Birmingham have today announced that they have secured a multimillion pound funding line from a Private Family Office, which will be known as ‘Harrogate Private Property Fund’.

The Multi-Million pound fund will be utilised for real estate projects in the UK and will focus on Bridging Finance, Mezzanine and Equity within the property sectors in residential and commercial developments.