The reasons behind training your employees up are varied. First of all, you have those kinds of training which you have to engage in by law; that would include fire safety, health and safety, and related matters.

Then there are cultural training programs, where you are trying to ingratiate your company’s way of doing things into the minds of your employees.

And of course, you have technical and skilled training, where the fundamentals of doing the job are delivered. In any case, there are certain hallmarks which make all of this training a lot more effective across the board. 

Cleanly Delivered Content

Your employees are generally going to respond a lot more positively to their training if the content is delivered as cleanly as possible. What does this mean? Ultimately, it is about removing and reducing as much friction from the delivery as possible.

The smoother the process is, the more that people will pick up on what is being taught. That’s why getting a corporate video production company to make training videos is such a good idea, and why a good presentation can make all the difference. Make it smooth and clean and easy, and the rest will fall into place.

Memorable Information

It might go without saying, but for training to be truly effective, what is being taught has to be memorable, otherwise it is not going to carry on in any real sense. The question is: how can you make sure that the information being transmitted is memorable?

There are certain tried and tested techniques, such as mnemonics, which are certainly worth trying to make use of here. You can also use lots of colour and bright, vivid graphics to help with this as well. These simple but powerful techniques are absolutely worth making use of here. 


As we hinted at earlier, it’s vital that training is imbued with the culture of the company. This is not just a case of branding for branding’s sake: it also allows for your employees to understand better exactly what is expected of them. But perhaps most importantly of all, it gives them a reason for that – and having a real reason why to behave in a certain way or carry out certain actions can be incredibly useful when it comes to keeping training highly effective. Be sure to keep all training on-brand where possible, as this will really help. 


Good training also has one more characteristic: it is generally strongly goal-driven. In other words, you have a very clear idea of what you hope to achieve from the training session, and this goal is clear and transparent to everyone in the room. This is a simple thing, but it makes an enormous difference to how the training plays out and how effective it is in the long run.

Make sure that you are aware of your goals every time and of your long-term goals as well more broadly. With those characteristics being in place, the employee training in your business will be a lot more powerful.