When it comes to good old British grub, it doesn’t get more classic than a traditional pie. And, according to new research by one popular online pie retailer, when it comes to the nation’s favourite, a rich, gravy filled steak pie still takes the top spot. 

Known for their traditional Black Country recipes and quirky pie names, the team at Mad O’Rourkes Pie Factory in Tipton - which delivers pies nationwide through its Mad Pies Online pies by post service - analysed over 10,000 orders from pie fans up and down the country to determine which flavour came out on top.

Beating options including the factory’s popular Posh ’n’ Becks steak and stilton pie and quirkier options including the Andy Murray chicken curry pie, it’s their 100% Bullock pie, containing the best cuts of steak slow cooked in Mad O’Rourke’s famous gravy that proved too good to miss.

So much so that nearly 3,000 have been delivered to pie aficionados from Penzance to the Highlands in just 18 months. Coming in second was the Wham Bam Thank You Lamb minted lamb pie which accounted for 20% of orders, while Hen Pecked which features tender chicken and mushrooms in a creamy sauce came in third appearing in 16% of online shopping baskets.

Pie fans aren’t afraid to branch out from the classics either with 11% opting for the Andy Murray curry pie which brings together two of the nation’s favourite foods - spicy chicken curry in a golden pastry case. But the results have come as no surprise to Mad O’Rourkes owner Peter Towler who, as the Pie Master of the Midlands, has spent the last 30 years delighting foodies with his well-honed pie recipes.

“When it comes to pies, you really can’t beat a classic so it’s not surprising that our biggest seller is a traditional steak pie,” Peter said. “Flavours like steak and stilton and chicken have always been popular both in our restaurant in Tipton and with customers online, but this just goes to show that sometimes, simple is best.

“You just can’t beat dipping a chip into a rich steak filled gravy, especially when it’s as delicious as ours!” So, now we know which pie is the most popular amongst Brits, what’s the best way to enjoy one? 

“If you want your pastry crispy, pop it in a nice hot oven - but if you want the pastry soft like I do, pop them in the microwave - you don’t need an oven for our pies by post. I always take the pastry lid off first to help the delicious filling cool down, while providing the perfect dip for your chips.”

The golden rule according to Peter? 

“Your pie absolutely doesn't need tomato or brown sauce - that’s disgraceful!” laughed Peter. There’s plenty of flavour in our pies by post pies as they are; you’re eating the wrong kind of pie if you need it with a sauce!”

And when it comes to accompaniments, it’s all about keeping it as classic as the pie itself Peter says: “You’re going to want to serve that delicious pie either with chips or mash, nothing fancy is needed.”