It's time for garden vegetable patches to undergo a revival amid fears over the rising cost of food and global warming, according to experts.

Researchers from have revealed eight reasons Brits should consider starting a veg patch in their backyard today, just like their grandparents generation used to.

As food prices rise and environmental concerns increase, experts are calling for the humble garden vegetable patch to make a swift comeback.

Outdoor specialists have called for their return, revealing eight reasons Brits should summon the World War One spirit and start their own veg patch today.

Garden vegetable patches were a cheap and easy source of food for grandparents’ generations, particularly in times of crisis.

Now with food prices skyrocketing, experts say they are the perfect way to reduce the cost of weekly supermarket shops for British families.

The team have repurposed Lord Kitchener’s 1914 call to arms and encouraged households to wield their garden spades in support of sustainable food.

Straightforward to set up and an interesting outdoor hobby once established, a backyard veg plot could also lead to healthier diets in UK homes.

Researchers have additionally claimed that organising a source of fresh vegetables in the garden may reduce green-fingered Brits’ carbon footprint.

A spokesman from said: “Glorious garden vegetable patches seem to have gone out of fashion in recent decades, but there are so many reasons they should be making a comeback as soon as possible.

Grow your own is a cheap, convenient, healthy and environmentally friendly way to feed the family, so we are calling for UK households to get on board with our campaign to remind Brits that your vegetables need you!”

Here is the list of eight reasons to start a garden vegetable patch:

  1. Straightforward set up - It’s so simple, quick, easy and cheap to get a veg patch up and running. All you need to do is set aside a plot of land in the backyard and get your hands on some basic gardening tools.
  2. Low-cost food - Seeds are inexpensive, finding a little spare time shouldn’t be too costly and even some additional water or nutrients shouldn’t break the bank – in return the household gets fed many times over.
  3. Environmentally friendly - Getting vegetables flown in from around the world is a completely unnecessary use of air miles and truck transportation. Why pump all those harmful greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere if it can be grown at the bottom of the garden instead?
  4. Healthy diet - Having a ready supply of fresh vegetables at the bottom of the garden should encourage all the family to cook fresh dishes from scratch more often and get their five-a-day in more regularly - consuming more veg means meals that are lower in calories and higher in nutrition.
  5. Tastier meals - Having a garden veg patch opens up the possibilities for a wider variety of meals in the kitchen, thanks to the flexibility that comes from having a range of fresh, healthy and tasty produce available without hassle of having to go to the shops.
  6. Reassuring ingredients - If you’ve planted, nurtured and picked your own ingredients, then you can obviously trace their sustainable source and be sure of their organic and vegan credentials. Home grown veg means no artificial additives, preservatives or pesticides and encourages a reductions in food waste and inefficiency.
  7. Natural entertainment - Modern families that struggle to get the children away from their screens may be thankful for the introduction of a way to reconnect with nature, whilst a veg patch can also provide less tech-addicted adults with an interesting new outdoor hobby to pursue.
  8. Lower shopping bills - Every portion you pluck from your garden is something that can be crossed off your shopping list before you even get to the supermarket, so that means taking a lesser hit in the pocket at the checkouts every week.