Top Canine Nutrition Fails and How to Manage Them

Top Canine Nutrition Fails and How to Manage Them


Whilst there has been a boom in interest in healthy living, evidently this obsession has not been extended to the wellbeing of the nation’s pets.  But good nutrition is just as essential to dogs in order for them to live a healthy, long life and it is something placed entirely into the hands of their owners. A poor diet can manifest in a number of ways that are detrimental to a dogs’ health, some of which aren’t necessarily obvious.

A shiny healthy coat is a sign of a healthy dog. If a dog’s coat starts to lose its shine and appear dull, it could be a sign that they aren’t receiving sufficient levels of nutrition in their food. If this is the case, it is best to feed them foods like tuna, salmon and sardines that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. You can add these to your dog’s existing meals and should not receive any complaints, dogs find them delicious!

Alternatively, a teaspoon of vegetable oil in your dog’s food can really aid in returning the shine to their coat.
Joint problems

Joint problems are a very common problem for dogs, particularly in larger breeds. One of the ways the problem is exacerbated is by dogs being overweight. This causes excess strain and pressure on the joints which causes real discomfort. The main symptom of arthritis in dogs is pain in the joints which causes tension in the muscles. Muscle tension is also a result of over-eating due to the accumulation of waste metabolic products that are produced. It is therefore vitally important to carefully measure the amounts a dog is being fed.

Though you may think it more beneficial to rest the joints, controlled exercise is encouraged as it increases circulation which supplies joints with nutrients and oxygen whilst removing metabolic waste and toxins which cause pain. We would recommend 3-4 times a day in small amounts, activities like swimming, under water walking and physical therapy.

Add a supplement to your dog’s diet to alleviate the pain in their joints.  AniForte Mobility Wonder is high in pure collagen, olibanum and omega-3 as these ingredients counteract the deficiencies that can cause joint wear.


We are a nation of pet lovers to the extreme. Our dogs are like our family and we want to spoil them! But we could be killing them with kindness. You don’t have to look far to find evidence of obesity amongst the nation’s pets. According to a recent survey by the Pet Food Manufacturing Association 81% of veterinary professionals believe the issue of pet obesity is getting worse*. There are a few easy ways to tell if your dog is carrying too much weight.

Make sure you can feel your dog’s ribs and the curve to their lower body is visible. A dog should experience no difficulty when getting up, if they look like they’re struggling to do so – excess weight could be a cause. Beware if you find that when you take your dog for a walk they’re having issues with their breathing or tire out far more quickly than they used to.


Certain feeding techniques like ‘free feeding’ are certainly not advisable, it means you have no perspective on how much your dog is consuming. Food portions should be measured in line with your dog’s weight to ensure they’re having a healthy amount of food each meal time.

Some dog owners feed their dogs the scraps and leftovers of the food they have prepared for themselves. Not all human foods are appropriate for dogs and some are even toxic! Onions for example, can be unsafe for dogs.

Weight loss

If your dog is overweight feed them less carbohydrates and fats as well as abstaining from handing out any snacks in between meals. It is also better to spread the feeding out and give them 2-3 small meals a day, rather than one large meal. Of course, exercise is vital! Controlled activities at least 3 times a day will produce good results.

So many dogs love food and don’t have a sense of when they are full. You could even be led to think they are hungry with begging eyes! The AniForte SlimVital – Weight Loss Supplement contains fibre-rich psyllium husks that swell up in the stomach, helping the dog to feel full and suppressing their desire to beg and overeat.


Allergies can show themselves in a number of ways such as ear infections, itchy skin, or diarrhoea and vomiting. Which foods are triggering the reaction can be hard to work out. It is best to eliminate one at a time to work out what is causing the reaction then avoid feeding them that from then onwards.

A lot of dry pet food contains grain which is an allergen for many animals. Instead it is best to look out for grain free pet food.

A dogs’ digestive tract is developed for protein and fat digestion which makes the starch contained in dry dog food hard to handle. Wet foods that contain a lot of meat can be easier to digest.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is a further result of a poor diet and is noticeable if a dog starts to develop bad breath, a loss of appetite or inflamed gums. Usually, gum disease is caused by the formation of tooth tartar, which is a result of the gathering of waste matter in a dog’s saliva. A dog that is provided with a balanced, nutritional diet will be able to prevent the accumulation of waste matter and in turn tarter.

Despite often being born out of love and a want to spoil beloved pets, what we feed our dogs can have a serious effect on their health. Feeding dogs a nutritious and natural diet will have an all-round benefit to their health and even appearance!

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