Wolverhampton Councillor pays tributes to brother, Sikh sheriff’s deputy, Sandeep Dhaliwal

Wolverhampton Councillor pays tributes to brother, Sikh sheriff’s deputy, Sandeep Dhaliwal


Tributes were paid to “trailblazing” Sikh sheriff’s deputy in the US after he was killed on duty.

Sandeep Dhaliwal died after being shot from behind during a traffic stop in Texas, in the USA.

A man was been arrested and charged with murder.

Deputy Dhaliwal made history as the first Sikh to become a sheriff’s deputy in Texas’s Harris County where he was allowed to wear his turban and beard while on patrol.

Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said: “He wore a turban and represented his community with integrity, respect and pride.

“Deputy Dhaliwal was a hero, he was a respected member of the community and he was a trailblazer”.

The brother of a Wolverhampton councillor, a memorial service was organised in West Midlands city in recognition of his family links to the city after it emerged his sister was a member of the council.

Rupinderjit Kaur a Labour representative for the Spring Vale ward was told of her brother’s killing after receiving a call from officials in the US.

She said her family had always feared that his job could put him in danger, especially because of much-publicised problems with gun crime and racism in America’s south.

But she said she was proud of him for following his dream of becoming a police officer, despite the challenges of being a Sikh in Texas.

Cllr Kaur said: “When he said he was joining the police force we were scared but at the same time we were proud of his decision and supported him”.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said Deputy Dhaliwal was a “bold and ground-breaking law enforcement officer in the eyes of our county, our state, our nation, and around the world, because he sought and received permission to patrol while wearing the outward signs of his Sikh faith, including a turban and beard”.

“He was a walking lesson in tolerance and understanding,” he added.

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