Celebrated on 11th July’15 every year, World Population Day seeks to raise awareness amongst the people about the ever increasing population. The world’s population is estimated to have gone up by 2 billion since 1987. DKT Pakistan celebrated World Population Day on Saturday by setting up specialized stalls in Karachi’s Neelum Colony to raise awareness amongst the people about family planning and contraception.

The Dhanak stall set up for women provided free checkups for sugar, BMI and blood pressure. During the check up DKT’s brand ambassador spoke with them about their reproductive health, how many children they have and whether they have ever considered family planning. Before leaving the stall the women were presented with informational material regarding where all Dhanak Health Care Centers are located in the city, mother and child healthcare, benefits of an IUD and modern family planning methods.

Men in the area were approached by a male representative of DKT’s team who briefed them about contraceptives, their benefits, usage, instructions etc. The men were provided free samples of two of DKT’s more popular brands, Josh and OK and were also provided leaflets containing information regarding how the use of condoms prevents sexually transmitted infections and HIV and can be used as a method of family planning.

A lack of family planning is one of the major causes behind why the world’s population is growing at an alarming rate. Through this activity DKT not only wanted to offer free checkups and consultation to people who cannot afford such expensive tests, such as blood sugar, on a regular basis but they also wanted to create awareness among the people regarding the contraceptives available to them and how through family planning they have a greater chance at living a happier and more fulfilling life.