On the occasion of 20 May, World Bee Day, the Bottega winery has decided to release 300,000 of these precious insects into the unspoilt nature of the Prosecco hills. It is a choice in the name of sustainability, which the Treviso-based company has always pursued at 360° in its business activities.


Bees play a very important role in maintaining biodiversity. They are insects that facilitate pollination and consequently the formation of fruit, transporting pollen from one flower to another and contributing to the conservation of nature. Their presence is a thermometer for measuring the healthiness of an area.

The vineyard concerned is part of a plot of land owned by Bottega, located on the heights of Vittorio Veneto, in an area that is partly wooded and characterised by great scenic beauty. In this context, the bees have been freed from 6 different hives and have found a natural habitat fully compatible with their needs. Only Glera grapes, from which Prosecco originates, are cultivated here.

On 20 May, World Bee Day, Bottega toasts to these insects and their important contribution to our health.