A new case study done by JustCBD – one of the favourite CBD brands in the industry – revealed the most popular CBD products in the UK and USA during Covid-19. The case study was conducted by performing a statistical analysis of the company's sales data during the pandemic. As the results show – edibles, in particular gummies, have been the most common choice. The vegan alternative of the delicious snack has been a loved product in Florida, Arizona, Virginia and other states.

Interestingly, during the pandemic taking care of our four-legged friends has become more important in the UK. The case study shows – citizens of Hereford, Kingston upon Hull, Lancaster and London have bought oils for their cats and dogs, while in the USA, for example, Utah, Montana, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin, a close favourite has been the CBD tincture.

As the previously conducted poll revealed, one of the biggest reasons for using CBD products is pain. The case study shows that pain cream has been the top product for California, Minnesota, and other states. The full-spectrum oil is also a favourite both in the UK and the USA.

“People are looking for different ways of consuming CBD oil. What the case study shows – edibles have become popular, as they are very accessible for virtually everyone and can be consumed on the go without any stigma attached to CBD products,” said Nataly Komova, a certified nutritionist working for JustCBD.

JustCBD, one of the industry’s favourite brands, headquartered in Florida, was founded on the basis that Cannabidiol is Mother Nature’s secret miracle. Looking around, the company has found that the CBD business was consistently misrepresented. At JustCBD, we believe that you have the right to know what is inside your CBD products. It is our mission and promise never to misrepresent the content of our products. With the help of world-class labs to test our products, we are confident that JustCBD is made with industry-leading quality, honesty, and love.