Driverless cars tipped to end Birmingham’s reign as ‘bad driver’ capital of...

Driverless cars tipped to end Birmingham’s reign as ‘bad driver’ capital of UK


“Whilst the majority of Birmingham drivers I meet are good and courteous – statistically we do seem to have more than our fair share of bad drivers – many of whom it seems shouldn’t be on the roads at all. Manufacturers are claiming that fatalities and serious injuries will be almost eradicated once driverless cars have become commonplace. We believe the roads will be safer, reducing the opportunity to flaunt the rules of the road in this way.”

Philip said driverless car technology would create a level playing field across the country and end widely varying geographical variations in driving standards. He added: “Any technology capable of eradicating these real life tragedies for injured people and their families has to be welcomed.”

Latest figures from the DVLA reveal that 8,593 drivers with 12 or more points were still able to use the UK’s roads. Birmingham was top with 260 motorists totting up more than a dozen points. Said Philip Edwards: “Driverless cars are very much in the public’s rear view mirror at the moment – but they are much closer to becoming a reality than people think.

“The legislation announced in the Queen’s Speech last week will allow driverless cars to be insured under ordinary motor policies – effectively bringing this technology one step closer to the mainstream. “Driverless cars have the potential to change a huge number of issues and be a great benefit for many people.”

The Government is keen to press on with testing the technology on small local roads as early as next year before extending testing to the UK motorway network. Philip Edwards concluded:  “In the meantime, it is to be hoped that dangerous drivers will be taken off the road – and innocent people will not be put at risk by their actions. The vast majority of us who drive sensibly and with consideration of others will be safer as a result.”

Personal Injury and insurance specialists at national law firm Clarke Willmott LLP are already looking at the issue, which they say could change the whole landscape of personal injury claims and insurance cover.

Clarke Willmott LLP has teams working on the implications of how driverless cars will impact on different aspects of motoring.

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