Gfinity launches revolutionary eSports tournament – Gfinity Elite Series

Gfinity launches revolutionary eSports tournament – Gfinity Elite Series


The Gfinity Elite Series will, for the first time, offer the UK’s eSports community with a professional league to get behind and participate in from the grass roots all the way to the pro-level. The league promises to offer exciting new opportunities to watch or play in a fiercely competitive environment on

To qualify, gamers of any level from anywhere around the world will be encouraged to play for ranking points in the Gfinity Challenger Series which will kick off in January 2017. The top competitors will qualify for the Gfinity Elite Draft, where professional teams will draft players to play as professional gamers in the Gfinity Elite Series.

The Gfinity Elite Series itself will launch in April 2017 and will see some of the best eSports players in the world competing in professional franchise teams for the title of Gfinity Elite Series UK Champions.Gfinity Elite Series league matches will be hosted in Britain’s only dedicated eSports arena and the home of UK eSports, the ‘Theatre of Electric Dreams’, the Gfinity Arena in London.

Following its launch in the UK, Gfinity plans to extend the format internationally, the next exciting stage in realising its ambition to find the true Gfinity eSports World Series Champions.

Neville Upton, CEO, Gfinity plc says: “As the gamers champion, Gfinity is excited to be launching the Gfinity Elite Series. The UK has some of the best talent in eSports and Gfinity Elite Series gives them the opportunity to hone their skills and take on some of the best from around the world. This is what the UK eSports community has been waiting for and we can’t wait to take this truly global.”

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