Mr Lee’s Addresses the Need for Customised User Experience With Their Intelligent...

Mr Lee’s Addresses the Need for Customised User Experience With Their Intelligent Noodle Kiosks


The Mr Lee’s Noodle Kiosk boasts a range of unique features that monitor and control all aspects of the system’s hardware, software and operations, including everything from its interface boards, payment systems and cameras, to its product load status and the advertising displayed on its 32″ color, touchscreen monitor.

Product information, like ingredients and prices as well as images and full-motion video content, can be remotely updated in an instant, or at pre-scheduled times, which allows the company to easily implement advertising and sales campaigns or brand-oriented adjustments.  Each machine can have its own particular configuration and any machine or groups of machines can be remotely and simultaneously changed at a given point-in-time, which dramatically simplifies the management of large groups of machines.

Mr Lee’s digital vending machines’ telemetry provide complete sales information, stock levels and fault reporting so system failures can be detected and rectified quickly and efficiently.  In addition, the logistics management system groups the kiosks into routes for re-stock planning and provides complete multimedia vending machine documentation to assist the engineer with repairs and maintenance, including images, documents and training videos.

The system’s software provides complete sales reporting and configurable, real-time charts delivered directly to the portal and/or exported to Microsoft Excel and Power BI which creates and delivers, real-time dashboard-based information to any tablet or PC. In addition, this data can be directly-integrated with multiple accounting systems.

The vending machines can also be logically-grouped into one or more collections for reporting purposes, so sales information can be filtered to show details for specific territories or regions, etc.

A variety of sectors can expect additional catering options through these 24/7, cashless kiosks, including hotels, holiday parks, workplaces, universities, gyms, government buildings, hospitals and defence force facilities, to name but a few.

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