Selfie Spots are coming to Bullring

Selfie Spots are coming to Bullring


This September, Bullring has announced the arrival of Selfie Spots to the centre. With the iconic Bull being named in The Independent’s list of the world’s top ten pieces of public art in 2014, the spots will be placed in picturesque spots around the centre, highlighting the most selfie-worthy locations.

With Millennials predicted to take a mighty 25,700 selfies in their lifetime and 1 million selfies taken a day, Bullring is offering a helping hand to selfie-takers across Birmingham. Whether customers are trying to capture the Bull at its best or make sure they have Selfridges’ iconic exterior in the background, the centre’s Selfie Spots will guide the way with expertly placed spots that will ensure you capture the best of Bullring.

The Selfie Spots will see Bullring, technically a millennial itself, celebrate its 14th birthday on September 4th.  Here for a temporary time only, four of the circular signs will be placed in several locations around the centre on the 1st September 2017, three days prior to Bullring’s 14th anniversary.

For customers looking where to find the spots, they will be in the following locations: The Bullring Bull; with three Selfie Spots on St Martin’s Walk allowing you to capture the beautiful St Martin’s Church and iconic Selfridges building.

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