Inspired by a cosy home kitchen, the new Sweetheart Cake Shop in Covent Garden Market is here to fulfill a promise of happiness. Their philosophy is to put a smile on their customers' faces by offering fresh and delicious treats, which are prepared and baked in shop every day. Nothing artificial is ever used, only simple and wholesome ingredients like fresh milk, pure British butter, free range eggs and a touch of sugar. Then, they mix it all together using traditional family recipes combined with contemporary flair, inspiration and creativity, along with lots of love for what they do.

The menu of cupcakes, layer cakes, everyday bakes and cookies changes every day to surprise their customers and create a bouquet of unique fragrances and flavours. Gluten free or vegan choices are also part of the menu--perfect as a treat for any time of day.

At our shop, playful windows, pretty cupcakes and mouthwatering layer cakes set the perfect scene in a warm and welcoming environment. Teacups gently clatter on their saucers to the rhythm of book pages turning. Friendly chatter blends in with the steady hum of an espresso steamer while laughter and pleasant music provide the backing tracks. The heavenly aromas of cake, biscuits or a delicious apple crumble fresh from the oven mingle with those of freshly brewed coffee and intriguing tea blends. Here, you can leave your worries at the door.

The fresh and delicious cakes are available for you to take home, or they can be ordered for a special occasion. They would be honoured to bake a child's dream birthday cake or a wedding cake you'll always remember.