The aviation watchdog has warned airlines that they are legally required to provide refunds to customers who had their lights cancelled because of coronavirus.

By law, plane operators must refund customers within seven days if their flight is cancelled.

But with fewer than 10% of UK flights already taken off, airlines are struggling to deal with all the requests for refunds.

The CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) said that it could take action against airlines.

In a statement, the regular said; “We are reviewing how airlines are handling refunds during the coronavirus pandemic and will consider if any action should be taken to ensure that the consumer rights are protected”.

Last month, consumer group Which? said that it had received thousands of complaints from people who are struggling to secure a refund from their cancelled travel.

Instead, airlines were offering customers vouchers to be used when lockdown is lifted.

Which? said that the travel industry’s own estimates suggests £7bn of travellers’ money was affected.