With summer here and World Rum Day next month, the five fabulous sisters behind ÉTÄN rum (and their matriarch) introduce themselves and share their top cocktail recipes for you to recreate at home. ÉTÄN means 'five' in Mungaka, a dialect in Bali-Nyonga, Cameroon, the birthplace of the parents of the five London-based Fosang sisters, who lovingly created this 43% abv golden rum, which has been distilled with a unique collection of five botanicals, found in and around West Africa, with some native to Cameroon.


Launched during lockdown nearly two years ago, bottles of Étän are flying out of the distillery door, say the five sisters – career women by day and budding rum moguls by night. The daughters of a former diplomat based in London, their late father loved to entertain and they remember lavish parties at home with their parents, as children. It is this love of a party and their desire to want to do something together which inspired them to launch Étän.

Fast forward to the current day and the women are taking Étän to rum, food and music festivals up and down the country, are just about to announce an exciting, high end retail listing and have plans in the pipeline to launch a range of ready-mixed cocktails

The Fosang sisters – the brains behind Étän - are:

Laura: the eldest sister and rugby-playing, obstacle-racing, shopping-obsessed GP. Briget - the second sister. A cake-baking, booty-shaking, fitness fanatic, qualified barrister and full-time working mum of four.

Noella: the third sister, aka middle child!! Dutiful head of the school science faculty by day and the fun-loving party girl by night.

Caroline: the fourth sister...a.k.a enjoyment minister! A dentist by profession who loves travelling, shopping, brunching and sipping cocktails Let's just say all the finer things in life!

Kareen is the fifth sister, a.k.a the baby; who is a certified chartered accountant who loves a good turn up and a good drink of course.

And finally, to their mum, Agnes – their queen, who continuously inspires them in the way she leads her life her work ethic and her fierce independence. There is no other drink for her than the classic Étän on the rocks.

The five botanicals which go into every bottle of ÉTÄN are fevergrass, orange peel, cassia, vanilla and ginger, giving its unique warming taste and golden colour. ÉTÄN is available online.