Debbie Talbot (40) a mumpreneur living in Eccles, Greater Manchester co founded the What's Good To website back in 2011.  Since that time they have grown the site to an impressive level with no marketing budget to speak of.   

Debbie says “Winning this competition would mean that we can advertise to find magazine franchisees and finally launch our Membership Card which would give households discounts off of attractions, restaurants and so on.    David and I have done so well in building up the number of visitors to our website and growing our wonderful Reviewer Group from 3 to over 250 people.  Winning a substantial advertising campaign would be a dream come true.  We have believed in what we do from day one and have worked with grit and determination to get where we are now. “

What's Good To Do only has until 5pm today to get into the Top 50 votes wise.  What's Good To Do supports charities and non profit organisations by giving them free organisation and website listings.    The website already touches so many lives as our reviewer team get some amazing opportunities which they may have not otherwise got or been able to afford.

Debbie is an extremely hardworking mum of 3 to Lauren (9) and twins Tom & Jack (2).   They are her motivation in all she does.