It was announced that Jill Stewart, the wife for 14 years of Adam (Stewart), the Executive Chair of Sandals Resorts in Jamaica, and the Appliance Traders Group, passed away surrounded by love. Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holnes, the Hon. Minister Bartlett , the Sandals Resort Family, and so many in our wonderful global travel and tourism industry community to express our sincere condolences to a friend, leader and mentor of our industry, Mr. Adam Stewart, Executive Chairman Sandals Resorts.

Minister of Tourism, Hon Edmund Bartlett, on behalf of his Ministry, its public bodies and the wider tourism sector, expressed deep condolences to Mr. Stewart and his family on the passing of his wife. Jill succumbed to cancer Friday night, after a brave battle with the deadly disease. While her own career path was established as a fitness instructor, Mrs. Stewart was closely aligned to tourism through her husband Adam, executive chairman of the Sandals Resorts International conglomerate.

Mr. Stewart is also Chair of the Tourism Linkages Network, a division of the Tourism Enhancement Fund, which is a public body of the Jamaica Ministry of Tourism.

In mourning with Adam on the passing of “his beloved Jill,” Minister Bartlett recalled that: “The love they shared and the care that he offered is so powerful and strong that it makes the real point about how true love and marriage ought to be.”

From firsthand knowledge of the bond between the Stewarts, Mr. Bartlett lauded Adam, “even in this moment of pain, for that quintessential role he played as husband and father.”

The couple share three children and in celebrating Jill’s life, Minster Bartlett eulogized her as a great mother and a great partner to one of our finest young entrepreneurs, adding that: “The entire tourism family and my own family offer deep condolences as we hold up Adam in prayerful support during this difficult hour.

May Jill’s soul rest in peace and light perpetual shine upon her.”