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An international study by a University of Wolverhampton research team and scientists in the UK, Europe, China, and USA has found that older people who consume more fish have increased their life expectancy. The study of 4,165 participants aged 60 years and older in China reveals that people who consumed fish at least “twice a week” compared to “never eat” over the past two years have a significantly reduced risk of mortality (death from any cause) by 42%. 

Pioneering tech company Foodhub has put the wheels in motion to integrate its online food delivery app in self-driving cars within the next three to five years, the company’s CEO has revealed. 

Ardian Mula has placed his UK-based firm at the forefront of the innovation, putting significant resources into developing the new technology, following recent regulation changes to the Highway Code that open new doors for tech companies.

The Sunday roast's prominence in British culture is such that in a UK poll in 2012 it was ranked second in a list of things people love about Britain. And according to National Geographic, it’s even one of the top 10 national dishes in the world.

This research, commissioned by, examined the cost of a Sunday roast across 10 cities in the UK. The study looked at 50 best rated restaurants on TripAdvisor across 10 different cities.

With summer here and World Rum Day next month, the five fabulous sisters behind ÉTÄN rum (and their matriarch) introduce themselves and share their top cocktail recipes for you to recreate at home. ÉTÄN means 'five' in Mungaka, a dialect in Bali-Nyonga, Cameroon, the birthplace of the parents of the five London-based Fosang sisters, who lovingly created this 43% abv golden rum, which has been distilled with a unique collection of five botanicals, found in and around West Africa, with some native to Cameroon.