The Army’s newly formed reserve Multi-Role Medical Regiment has held its first parade in Centenary Square, Birmingham.

The city’s 202 (Midlands) Field Hospital has re-roled to become 202 (Midlands) Multi-Role Medical Regiment.

It is the first reserve of nine Multi-Role Medical Regiments to be formed in the Army Reserve under Future Soldier - a programme that outlines how the Army will be structured and organised in the future. The parade and service marked the new title and change of role for the former Field Hospital.

The Multi-Role Medical Regiment will provide immediate first aid and emergency care at Medical Treatment Facilities close to the front line through to the evacuation and treatment at a Field Hospital. They do this by combining vital medical skills with military skills including patrolling and providing care under fire.

The medical facility close to the front line is a highly mobile tented unit capable of changing its location at short notice. It can deliver vital lifesaving medical treatment to injured personnel extracted from the battlefield by Combat Medical Technicians.

The facility is set up to provide emergency life, limb, intensive care beds and a holding ward, as well as a lab, x-ray machines and primary healthcare facilities. It can provide basic healthcare, triage, emergency surgery and stabilisation of vitals prior to evacuation back to the larger Field Hospital.

A Field Hospital like the medical facility in Camp Bastion during Op HERRICK is equivalent to a multidisciplinary general hospital. It can provide comprehensive medical care and surgical treatment.

Colonel Clare Dutton, Commanding Officer 202 (Midlands) Multi-Role Regiment said: “The metamorphosis from a singular specialised unit to a multi-role unit highlights the military’s goal of providing an agile and comprehensive medical solution on the battlefield.

“The world is changing, and we must adapt for the future. The name has changed, and our role expanded, but the spirit and history of 202 (Midlands) Field Hospital will be carried forward.”

The Multi-Role Medical Regiment comprises a Regimental Headquarters and four Squadrons located in, Leicester and Nottingham and two in Birmingham. The unit is formed of people from all walks of life, who train and work professionally alongside their regular counterparts.

Throughout history, almost every operation has seen reservists deployed. 202 (Midlands) Field Hospital mobilised in 2003 on Operation Telic 1 and was the last Army Medical Services reserve unit to staff and manage the Hospital at Camp Bastion, Afghanistan for Operation HERRICK in 2014. The Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Councillor Chaman Lal, who took the salute on parade said: “Birmingham is very proud to honour 202 Field Hospital and the new Multi-Role Medical Regiment and recognises the work Army reservists and medics do both at home and in combat.”

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